margaritaWhat better way to celebrate your margarita holiday than with a movie set in viva la Mexico?  Here are my picks for the best Mexican-inspired movies, all a bit odd yet fun.

  1. The Mexican: I love the cast in this movie, especially Julia Roberts and James Gandolfini.  Despite the shooting and chasing on Brad Pitt’s side, this is a movie about love, all centered around this folkloric Mexican pistol.  The big personalities, the twisting story, the colorful landscape, the Mexican folk music, it all creates a vibrant movie that’s a lot of fun to watch and definitely leaves you wanting your own crazy adventure south of the border.
  2. Once Upon a Time in Mexico: This is another Mexican-inspired flick with a killer celebrity cast, all in their archetypal roles, including Johnny Depp (as usual, playing an unusual, darkly humorous character), Antonio Banderas (as the romantic hero) and Salma Hayek (as the seductive, gorgeous sidekick).  Plus, there’s Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes, Enrique Iglesias, Willem Dafoe, and more amazing actors.  The storyline here is also chaotic, gritty, gory, corrupt, and yet still romantic (which seems to be the continuous image portrayed of our neighboring country).
  3. The Ruins: This is certainly not the ambassador movie for Mexico.  However, I love a good horror movie, and this one is original (despite the almost laughable villain), suspenseful and cringe-inducing.  As with many horror-tourism flicks, it follows four young adults who follow a fellow traveler into the Mexican jungle to climb a remote Mayan ruin.  Immediately, they are trapped by locals atop the ruin and forced to survive the mystical killers that dwell there.

Image courtesy of Flickr.