rango-movieYou can now see “Rango” on Netflix’s instant streaming.  This 2011 animated flick stars Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher as desert animals in search of water for their Old West town.

Here are just three reasons why you’ll want to watch this fun flick:

  1. Animated Depth: The CGI animation colorfully portrays the sandy, gritty, dirty town and critters, making it fun to spot the different weathered, whiskered, scaly animals peering from underneath torn hats and pacing through the town.
  2. Critic-Approved: Critics generally gave this movie the thumbs up for the interesting change of scenery, oddball characters, mature humor, and well-done animation.  Even my favorite critic, Roger Ebert, gave it four stars for the developed character profiles, as well as the authentic homage to and creative take on classic Western films.
  3. LOLs: It’s got humor for everyone, one of those great animated movies that obviously caters to children but also sneaks in witty, sarcastic lines geared towards adults, too.

I also love the southwestern Tex-Mex flavor, too, from the mariachi band of owls narrating the film to the soundtrack featuring bands like Los Lobos.  This is the perfect movie to watch right now on Netflix as we anxiously await the sunny summer ahead.

Image courtesy of Flickr.