In one month, you will start getting in shape.  In three months, you will lose 15 pounds.  In 10 months, you will earn $10,000 more annually.  Next New Year’s Eve, you will check an addiction off your list of resolutions.  Yet no matter how much energy and resources you burn, your resolutions and goals may dissolve because your core beliefs, feelings and fears remain.  You must change your energy before you can change your behaviors.

According to Carol Look, there are three questions to uncovering the blockades to your success:

  • What’s the downside to success?
  • What’s the upside of staying where I am?
  • What happened the last time you found success?

The answers to these questions will help you determine why you stop yourself from reaching the success you want.  You support self-sabotage through fears of success (fearing responsibility or failure), safety concerns (success takes you from your comfort zone), family dynamics, guilt and shame (causing you to punish yourself by remaining unsuccessful), and limiting beliefs (you believe you cannot or are not supposed to be successful because of circumstances).  Look tells us to specifically and narrowly pinpoint the instances where these self-sabotage roots originated.

Download a free, two-hour presentation from Look at the Omega Institute, “Attracting Abundance with EFT.”  Her Emotional Freedom Technique shows you how to remove emotional, often unconscious and withstanding, clutter in order to redirect your focus to success.  I cannot vouch for her actual “tapping” technique to release the emotions, but her talk on finding the problems by sifting through your feelings is both straight forward and practical.