In the spirit of patriotism today, I’m highlighting an Academy-nominated documentary revealing the perilous environment of troops in Afghanistan.  No matter how many stories are told, nothing shows what they endure more than sitting behind a huge gun with a platoon in one of the most dangerous places for troops in Afghanistan.  This is scary shit.  The filmmakers intelligently begin the movie with an unexpected explosion in Korengal Valley, successfully leaving you on edge throughout the movie as the troops cautiously tread through hills and villages.  I don’t seek out gun slingin’ movies, but this an amazing film about the reality of what young men experience overseas, the cultural misunderstandings and the casualties in the villages.  It’s incomprehensible to me how they live with death so close everyday – fired at daily, friends found dead and tangled in bushes, last words sent to loved ones every time they move.  It’s insightful, suspenseful and a must-see for everyone who votes.