That’s one of the beautiful lyrics created on Bravo’s show, Platinum Hit.  Song writing isn’t thrilling, nor visually stunning, and there are boring, so-so songs and half-baked ideas on the show. The writers scribble into notebooks, pluck chords, tap pencils, and sometimes insult each other (which reminds you that you’re watching Bravo).  The rainbow at the end of the slow, dreary hour, is hearing that perfect song – the rarity you would find on the radio and listen to over and over.  The writers weave together melodies and lyrics that create a ripple through a stagnant soul.  As a writer, I admire the creativity and the ability to so effectively communicate an emotion.  I also love that the lyrics venture beyond love and a dance floor to road trips and career aspirations.

Check out my favs:

  • “Free” (inspired by a road trip theme)
  • “Miss Make The Boyz Cry” (inspired by a rap heroes theme)
  • “No One Again” (inspired by an L.A. theme)
  • “Paint This Club” (inspired by a dance club theme)