Netflix created a movie addict in my bedroom.  It may not be the most expansive, updated collection of movies, but I have so many hidden gems at my finger tips that I would’ve never watched before.  Last night I watched One Week, starring Joshua Jackson.  It was okay.  It softly tread into the thick of the plot and ended just the same.  Everyone played their part fine.  The story wasn’t groundbreaking, but it had its moments.

As you can guess, Jackson’s character has about one week left to live.  A doctor tells him that he has stage four cancer.  He leaves the doctor’s office, buys a motorcycle and travels to the west coast based on a message on a coffee cup.  I appreciated the whimsy, but I did tire of his snapshots with the world’s biggest things on the way.  He realizes that in life, he settled.  He settled for a job as a teacher, and he settled for his fiance.

What I like in the story are the glimpses back to those pivotal moments that altered his life – like embarrassment and rejection.  It’s about those few negative people in our lives who created the biggest impacts through dismissal or insults – a coach, a teacher or a book publisher.  I also liked the look at the effect of his positive decisions.  When he set forth and continued on this new, radical path, he saved a life and he helped someone find their soul mate.  The movie identifies the invisible web of connections created or destroyed based on our decisions in life.

I recommend it if you need a push in the right karmic direction.