I recently heard an advertisement for Kaiser Permanente’s new “Thrive” campaign (encouraging whole body/mind wellness) called “Play.”  With wonderful copywriting, it tells us, adults, to put the play back in our lives.  It tells us that “play is as natural and necessary as sleep.”  It tells us to jump into games, classes and learning new things.

I also recently took a graphic design class at the Savannah College of Art and Design hoping it would help me decide if I wanted to go after a degree or certificate in the subject, but the experience itself was of value – it was play.  Another student in the class told me she was in pharmaceutical sales and also taking a fashion design class, contemplating a career change, and it made me realize, we’re all continually searching for our grand purpose and proper path, and we should never stop trying and playing.

I was miserable at my job.  Another intern always told me to go outside, take a break or go eat lunch on a nearby rooftop restaurant.  I’m looking back at these experiences, the people who spoke to me, and realizing how I need to live fully by playing fully.  So, I’m trying to play.fully.